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Erin @ Oceanside

Congrats to all the Oceanside participants. We had many MCS Bikes and Bike Fits out on the course. Here is Erin’s race report – She went on to finish 3rd in her first season in the 25-29 AG – and in her first 70.3 race qualifying her for the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas this summer. Erin had her bike fit at Moment Cycle Sport in January 2011, and rides a Moment Felt B2 size 50.

p.s. she rides with 15cm of drop, comfortably!

Erin Hunter’s 2011 Oceanside Experience
A lot can happen between the day you sign up for a half-IRONAMN and actual race day. For me, this could not be truer. All you can do is prepare yourself as best as possible and go out there and have fun. (Editor’s note: Erin was hit by a car during a triathlon in September 2010, needing shoulder surgery to repair her separated shoulder – she has since made a great (but not quite full) recovery, being able to participate in this event)

The swim and run portion were the least of my worries. The bike leg I was slightly concerned about for two reasons (1) I am typically ready to get off of my bike about 15 miles into any race (which is no good since the bike leg is 56 miles) and (2) my legs were always so tired at the end of the bike that I have a hard time transitioning in to the run. My confidence was slightly boosted when I purchased my new triathlon bike (2010 Felt B2) at Moment Cycle Sport two months prior to California 70.3. Instantly I was a couple miles per hour faster and more comfortable on my bike.

Finally, race day arrived! It was exciting to be part of something so big but still apprehensive about racing for 70.3 miles. The swim went well, granted I was slightly disappointed with my time but I am going to blame that on all the people I had to swim around! The bike went AWESOME! As soon as I got on Camp Pendleton I tucked myself into aero position and stayed there the majority of the bike; which really gave me an advantage on the way back due to the strong head winds. I have an aggressive aero position on my bike and to be able to stay comfortable and so relaxed while being down in my aero bars is new experience for me. It wasn’t until the last six miles I had that urge to get off my bike; big improvement from before..

Coming into transition I was so excited; I couldn’t believe I was actually competing in a half-IRONMAN. I almost wanted to cry with excitement because I was so happy! Transition was quick and easy; off to run 13.1 miles I go. I was anticipating the first few miles to be difficult while my legs transitioned from bike to run BUT that wasn’t the case. My legs felt pretty fresh and ready to run fast as soon as I got out of transition. Who knew getting fit to your bike could help so much?!?! I felt great for most of the run. Seeing people you know every couple minutes really helps motivate you to keep plugging along. As a result I ran a PR in my half-marathon! Not in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen.

Overall, I had an amazing experience. It wouldn’t have been as an enjoyable experience with out help from my wonderful coach/boyfriend Stephen Banister, support from my family and friends, and Moment Cycle Sport who fit me perfectly and provided me with an amazing bike.

Congrats Erin – we wish you the best of luck in VEGAS!