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Boulevard 2011

Moment Race Team was out for their first race of 2011 at Boulevard! Great races all around, and a great training day for others. :)

The ladies were up early to register and warmup (barely – seriously they need to work on it) before rolling out at 7:10am. Temps were variable and unfortunately had quite a bit of a downhill to survive before the climbing started. Wardrobe choices?!

Luckily they made it all through the first crash, 20 sec into the race, where someone hit a cone and took down a couple other racers. Best of luck to their recovery.

Kimberly and Lynne were with the main pack for most of the race, while Melissa and Rachel were working with the 2nd pack and hopefully holding the pack back. Lynne placed 5th and Kim was 7th. Great work ladies!

Up next was the Men’s Cat 4 and Cat 5. They started around 9:30, and it sure did heat up by then so no wardrobe debates. JT was off in the Cat 4, while the rest of the guys headed out with the 5A group. Chris, Evan and Kyle were in the front group while Greg and Mike were controlling the back. JT had a mechanical and was out. Chris ended up passing some of the Cat 4’s ahead, so the finish was a bit clustered – but he ended up hanging on for 2nd, while Kyle and Evan finished with the main pack.

Here are some pictures from the day.

ready? (nice knee warmers!)

lynne and rachel (what?) and obviously wearing too many layers

JT, “what are you doing out here?”
(“taking pictures of you!”)
on his way out on the 2nd loop

Chris on his way to the 2nd place finish!

kyle – almost there!

Evan charging for the finish

Greg making his way towards the finish

chris taking over the rear seat in the mothership. best team car ever.

all smiles before the race (and always)

kim charging

the girls (melissa, kim, lynne, amanda, rachel)

 It was a great day out there (after the initial freeze). Good teamwork and a great first race for Mike, Melissa, and Kimberly! Looking forward to a great season ahead!