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USAT Junior Nationals

This past weekend, San Diego hosted the USAT Junior National Triathlon at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, just a mile from the shop. We were the official bike shop of the event and helped with the receiving of the bikes. Families from all over the United States flew into San Diego and had their bikes shipped to the shop. Our mechanics were busy all week, unpacking and tuning the junior’s bikes to get them ready for race day.

We attended the Race Expo on Friday. Race day came on Saturday and Sunday. The Junior Elites were off and running with Cory and Dave providing mechanical support along the bike course. They were out there all day helping before and during the different races. Dave even sustained a cow bell injury, cheering on the racers. We were impressed with the professionalism of the elite athletes and how polite the youngsters were. They were pretty relaxed considering the high profile event.
Check out our little mascott! Our MCS kits even fit the young guys! :) We love his five spoke aero wheels and aero tubing on the bike. Stop in and check out something more in your size. (Ahem…Guru CR901 with H3 HED. wheels)Congrats to all the racers. We hope to see you back next year! We plan to be the official bike shop sponsor again as well. Look out for more information regarding packing/shipping/receiving bikes for the 2011 race!