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State Criterium Champion!

Congrats to shop employee Rachel Wills on her Cat 3/4 outright win in the 2011 State Elite Criterium Championships in Brentwood on Sunday!

“It was a perfect race for me. I stayed near the front for the majority of the race, controlling the pace and working the corners. Brentwood is a pretty technical course with lots of fun corners, so staying near the front is crucial for staying fresh and avoiding the accordion effect.”

With a pretty major crash with a lap and a half left, she managed to avoid going down but had her work cut out for her to bridge the gap between the girls off the front.

“As soon as I caught the pack we had a lap left. I had to sit in and recover so I could be there at the end. We rounded the last corner and I was ready, sitting 6 back, and waiting. No one went and I thought it was already too late, but I punched it to the inside and didn’t look back.”

The race was scored separately for the cat 3 and cat 4 racers, so with the win, she is now eligible for the upgrade.

Thank you to Moment Cycle Sport, Airsis, Nautilus Advisers, Parlee Cycles, her sherpa/husband Kyle and Sonja at Zipp for the demo 303s!