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SDIT – Race Report

Congrats to all the participants at the San Diego International Triathlon this morning! We saw a bunch of Moment bikes and bike fits out there respresenting! Congrats to Erik Nau for his 2nd place PRO finish on his Moment Ridley Dean!

Erik on his Ridley Dean flying down Canon St.

Moment employees JT and Rachel were out there competing today (on custom Guru bikes) and both had a respectible return to the triathlon world.
“My swim went well and I felt really solid on the bike. It’s a constant battle to keep the HR down and the cadence up, all while staying in the aerobars, but someone has to do it!” says Rachel. “The run went better than expected, considering the [lack of] training. I think the work on my bike has translated a bit. The comfort, power and aero benefit of my position really help.” Rachel was F.I.S.T. fitted by Moment Cycle Sport in 2008 and is now a fitter at Moment. Rachel ended up 3rd in the W25-29 AG.

Rachel bolting out of the swim in the pink cap

JT’s quote of the day: “Domination.” JT ended up 9th AG with a 1:49. In a friendly bet with Brian Wrona, JT won by 35 seconds.

JT heading out on the run.

Congrats to all the participants – especially our customers who ride Moment bikes or have experienced the Moment Fit!  Let us know if we left you off the list!

Brian Wrona
Trevor Blair 5th
Tim Marriott
Gabe Garzo
John Aspinall
Aaron Morgulis
Eddie Astudillo
Matt Beltran
Adam Hale
Mike Lobosco
Dave McMahon
Tim Kadel
Don Lopez
Bill Whitman 4th
Ray Stainback
Mark Vigil
Julio Gonzalez
Duncan MacDonald
Tomas Morales
Tom Scholar
Dean Avery 1st
Mark Ganzer
Les Shibata 5th
Dave Buysse
David Huntley 9th
Bob Boyd
Gerry Foreman
Carl Kuhn
Matt Peters
Hannah Davis 1st
Ashley Bordwell 4th
Christine Gould 1st
Erynne Hill 7th
Mieka Portier
Kendra Ksiazek
Kara Smith
Brooke Skora
Jess Motyl
Angie Smith
Brannen Henn 2nd
Lisa Castelein 8th
Hallie Putterman
Julie Dunkle
Linda Vigil
Darcy Eaton
Marion Webb
Ashley Mahaffey
Cathie Ellis
Laura Boyd
Melissa Stokely
Leslie Winchell
Kathy Clenney

Brian Fahmie
Jesse Abeler
Ken Hart
Brad Rechtfertig
Joel Vann
Miles Lovelace
Andy Concors
Elaine Bergeron
Tina Chen
Alison Cone
Debbie Watry

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