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New Bikes! Courtney, Lindsey, and Doug

Here are just a few of the new bikes that have gone out the doors recently:

Courtney, a long time runner, decided with a little urging from her father to get into this cycling stuff. She ended up with the Giant Defy Advanced (Half carbon, half aluminum) Shimano 105 bike. As every new cyclist has the clipless fear factor, she wanted us to know that she has yet to fall…yet.

Lindsey, a soccer player/climber came to the shop looking to get into riding, inspired by her cool cycling friends. (Me). She got fit and ended up with a size she didn’t think she’d be on! Fit is important to us at the shop, and isn’t solely based on height or inseam. She ended up on a Giant Avail with Shimano 105 in size Small. We hope you enjoy your new ride!Doug, a custom Guru Geneo owner, came to us all the way from Colorado Springs. He heard about our shop and what we do and had came in for a visit last year. He scheduled a fit and had his eye on the Guru for a while. Eventually he put in the order and he was able to pick it up on a trip back to San Diego this January. He chose the 2010 Shimano Ultegra 6700 series with HED. carbon clinchers. What a beautiful bike! We hope you enjoy climbing all those fourteeniers back in Colorado!
Up next, are the long awaited custom Guru Crono TCSD bikes!