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Ironman Customers! – Patty K

Every year, there are those individuals who train hard for the Ironman and then things don’t go their way once the race day comes. Those individuals have amazing stories about their journey to become an Ironman. Those who are lucky enough to finish under the 17 hour time cutoff receive that finishers medal just as everyone else…and sometimes with a little pomp and circumstance. One of our clients, Patty, had a race day she’ll never forget. Patty rides a Parlee TT from Moment Cycle Sport. Here’s her IMAZ story:

“Thanks again for the support, great bike fit and just making your shop comfortable to wander into for a relative newbie to the triathalon world. I really appreciate the patience and willingness to share information/advice that you’ve shown me.

Yup I finished-it was not the day I planned but it was the day I had. Good swim for me at 1:30; colder than it was the day before during the practice swim. I never got warm, maybe nerves or adrenaline?

The bike started out well but it was WINDY! Yup but it was windy for every one. Got a flat at mile 51- had help at the end to get the last of the tire on from this kid and his dad who helped and had a pump. Lost 17 minutes there. Rainbows mile 77 on the bike, and no, I was not hallulcinating. Safely off the bike in 8:03; I was out there a really reallly long time! I was pretty stupid by that point and when the super sweet volunteer told me to take off my bike shoes because I really couldn’t walk/run at that point I just kind of stared at him blankly and he said “Ok, lean on my shoulder I’m going to take your bike shoes off!”

The run was pretty miserable except for miles 3-9. My brother was waiting at mile 18 for me-got a quick hug and a shouted reminder that I was having fun to the amusement of everyone around and off I went.

A little less than a 1/2 mile from the finish one of the guys who works for Ironman started running with me. He told me I couldn’t walk any more if I wanted to finish, and he kept up a steady stream of encouragement.  They had people every few yards giving us remaining time.  They thought I was going to be the last one across and I was not thrilled with that information, until he told me that every one behind me would DNF.  They actually got one other person across so I was second to last.  My niece was waiting at the end of the block before the chute and ran that block with me then I was in the chute.  I spotted my fam and friends; it was oh so very LOUD!  Of course I think I was the roadrunner or the guy from Chariots of fire running down the chute towards the finish line; according to family, no not so much!  Never heard Mike Riley call me home but I’ve since seen it on video.  Don’t really remember much about those first few minutes.  They did get me over to Chrissy Wellington for a congratulatory hug, kiss I think it is oh so very cool that she came back. Took about an hour for it all to sink in and I’ve been flying high ever since.

What a fantastic day! More drama than I wanted and only 1minute 54 seconds to spare. I am an Ironman and will be for the rest of my life.

Say what you will about WTC-you buy an experience. The volunteers were great!

By the way, got lots of nice comments about the bike.”

Congrats Patty! We are so proud of you!