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Ironman Customers! – Mark S.

We’d like to congratulate all the recent Ironman Finishers! We’ve had many customers who had amazing years. In our next series of blogs we’ll have a featured participant. First off, Congrats to Mark S. who qualified for Kona at Ironman Arizona. Mark is a longtime triathlete who came to Moment Cycle Sport for our experience in professional fitting. Here’s his story:

Looking for the ideal bike fit? I think I found it with JT of Moment Cycle Sport in San Diego. Before Moment, I had been fitted no less than 3 times, including the much-ballyhooed ReTul. JT spent over 2 hours with me cranking and sweating on the new Guru Fit bike.

But let me tell you a little about myself. First of all, I am a true amateur, racing triathlon for over 25 years just for the love of the sport and for the fitness it provides me. So you have an idea of my age, my first Ironman was in 1991. I got back into racing 3 years ago at the urging of my son, and we have raced together quite a bit. In fact, my son won a lottery spot for Kona in 2010, so I trained and raced until I too qualified at Buffalo Springs. But my racing was painful and I never felt quite right on my P2. I even raced in Kona but had a lackluster bike split. I knew I could do better and my son and I were already registered for IM Arizona as well. Long story short, I spent the time with JT, who basically re-invented my position on my bike. I felt like I was on a whole new bike.

IM Arizona this year was cold. I froze in the water, got rained on on the bike, hit lots of head winds coming down Bee Line Hwy, and ran in intermittent rain. Of course, the day after the race was beautiful. The locals say it never rains in Tempe. Ha, ha. The 3 loop bike was tough because of the ran and the headwinds, but I figure we all had to suffer, so we just kept our heads down and pedaled away. Despite the weather, my bike split was over 1 mph faster, and for me, that translates to probably 45 minutes ahead starting on the run. To my surprise, I even got my Kona slot for 2011.

JT made me a believer in the Guru Fit. I will have my son see JT before he purchases his next bike and again after he gets it to fine tune his position.

Who knows, I may even get faster this coming year. So if you are not pleased with your bike splits, or just not feeling as comfortable as you think you should on your bike, make an appointment with JT and you will happy you did.

Congrats Mark! Best of luck in 2011!

If you would like to schedule a fit, please call 619-523-2453 or email bikefit@momentcyclesport.com