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Christmas Bikes!

Haven’t updated the new bikes post in a while, so I figured I’d crank out a bunch for the upcoming Holiday…since all of these people did the right thing…and got themselves the best gift ever…A New Bike!

The one lady of the group, Laura, with her new B2R! Best of luck this season; we know you’ll kick some butt on your new ride! Edmond got one of the last 2009 Giant Trinity Alliance 1 – Ultegra build. He’s going back to Singapore and bringing the bike.

Alex came in as a runner looking to get into the sport. We had an opening, so he did his fit and got a new bike in the same day! Great choice with one of the last Felt AR4’s of 2009.

Mike came in and walked out with one of the first B16’s of 2010.

Rainy, a MCS team member, decided to invest in a TT bike, chosing the 2009 B2R!

We hope you all enjoy your new rides! Happy Holidays from Moment Cycle Sport