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Bike Review – The Cervelo P5X

P5X—the latest incarnation of Cervélo’s revolutionary aero bike concept—was launched last year at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Their claim? That the P5X is the fastest and most technologically advanced triathlon bike in existence.

P5X wasn’t just designed on a computer. Triathletes from all over the world were interviewed and their racing styles examined to find the best design solutions to meet a complex range of needs. After three years of design, research, data analysis, and more design, the result was much more than just another fast bike. P5X boasts an array of cleverly-hidden storage and design features that are customizable in length, angle, and size down to the smallest degree, offering maximum comfort to the each rider.

Cervélo’s boast is that the bike’s technologically-advanced design and completely customizable features lends it to each individual rider and their style perfectly, helping them to achieve their personal best. The idea is that the best bike out there is the one that fits you, and P5X fits everyone!

Let’s take a look at some of the technology and customization everyone’s bragging about…

The Most Technologically-Advanced Triathlon Bike

After a long search for suppliers that met with Cervélo’s lofty standards for performance, safety, and design, ENVE Composites joined the team, providing a custom, all-carbon fork and handlebar system. The frame was made in the U.S. by HED Cycling—a company whose flawless manufacturing process speaks for itself.

Each piece of hardware was designed with great care to work as a whole and be as adjustable and aerodynamic as possible.

P5X has an Aero Cable Management System of internal cabling paths that minimize bends and kinks, allowing for a more aerodynamic design and more reliable shifting and braking system. The system is designed to allow cables to enter at strategic points, reducing the aero drag cause by traditional systems.

The BBright bottom-bracket was developed to make use of the extra space on the left side of the frame tubes where there aren’t any chainrings. The bracket is an asymmetrical 79MM, extending the BB shell by 11 millimeters, making the width of theleft chainstay almost double.

P5X’s water bottle holder is integrated into the downtube airfoil to further minimize resistance to the design.

It also features a Dropped Down Tube to further reduces drag by bringing the leading edge of the tube and the trailing edge of the front tire closer together.

P5X’s Evolved Steerer Design allows for a stronger torsional stiffness of the steerer through increasing the steerer’s diameter.

Complete Comfort & Customization for Every Rider

Taking into account the needs of every triathelete, there are compartments and containers that offer easy access to hydration and nutrition and even hidden areas to stash extra clothing or tools.

The bike comes in four unique frame options that each have specific sizing for the stack, reach, seat tube angle range, wheel size, head tube angle, fork offset, head tube length, bb drop, front center, rear center, and stand-over height.

Cervélo has a great online tool specifically for fitting this bike, where by inputting an arm pad stack, arm pad reach, and saddle height, the tool calculates the best size and adjustments for you based on your x/y fit coordinates.

Then there are further features that can be adjusted independently of the bike frame, including 8 different positions for the arm pads alone.