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Boulevard Preview

Yesterday, MCS Racing was out in full force, braving the elements and getting a good ride through the Boulevard Race Course.

We took the new “mothership” out for her first real test ride. The shop van, a 2010 Honda Oddsey, has room for 8 passengers and is equipped with Yakima Racks for up to 10 bikes. We recently had the van wraped, and it’s looking pretty pro, if I say so myself. Wheel racks are here, ready to be installed.

 JT preping the van/bikes for the journey to Boulevard, CA.

Wee! Shadows along HWY 8.
Here’s the course info, coursey of team rider, Chris N.
Distance: 44.15 mi
Elevation Gain: 4,026 ft
Avg Temperature: 44.6 °F
Min Temperature: 35.6 °F

We had a great ride even with the cooler temps and are looking forward to having the team out in full force at the first road race of the season on February 5th.

If you are interested in joining, come ride with us! Questions? Email: mcsracing@momentcyclesport.com
We are out every Tues/Thurs at 6:45am leaving from the shop and getting a hill workout in at the end of the point at Cabrillo National Monument. This ride is for everyone! (Team member or not). Group workouts are typically scheduled for Saturday and Sundays an announced through our team list serv.

Keep in mind, we’ve moved!
2816 Historic Decatur Rd Ste 135, San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 523-2453
More parking for your convenience! Come check us out!