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BikeFit certification class

This past Sunday and Monday we had Paul Swift of BikeFit.com here to show us his methodology of bike fit. We learned about cleat/pedal interface and wedging which we will now fully incorporate into our dynamic fit process. Check out that new guy on the left – it’s Christopher – Our new mechanic! Stop by the shop and say hi!
We had a two day hands on bike fit experience. We look at the varus/valgus angles of the feet and learned how to properly wedge a foot. Why wedge? Check out this article. Dan Empfield of slowtwitch.com has also endorsed the use of the product as well. Check out his analysis here. Wedging not only improves the power of the cyclist, but also the comfort. Your legs weren’t meant to be strapped to a pedal – let us show you how wedging may work for you!

mmm, Kyle’s feet after a day of rock climbing…who wants to measure?

my fit results (I’m a 1 wedge, 2 pedal spacer both sides girl)
playing with Chris’s cleats. (he’s an spd wedge cleat guy!)

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