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Ultra-Distance Bike Positions

This isn’t just Ironman. This isn’t even a triple. It’s a race. Across America. Solo.

Ultra Endurance Athlete David Goggins is planning his next adventure. Today we got to fit him for it. He is having a custom bike made and hasn’t been able to find the position that feels just right yet…until now. We were able to show him what different seat tube angles felt like on our fit bike, and off his bike. In the end, his bottom bracket setback changed 14cm. He was on a very laid back road bike geometry, and he ended up at an 80 seat tube “tri bike” geometry, with raised bars.

A typical tri position will have some amount of drop on a typical triathlete. David isn’t what you’d call typical. He has put many miles on his body. His hips are tight. His shoulders are wide. His knee is bad. He always felt uncomfortable on his bike and couldn’t figure it out.

Until now. We helped David realize there is a position that he can ride comfortably with power.  We also helped him solve his ever worsening saddle issue. When you are riding all day long for days in a row, saddle comfort is essential to survival. In the end, he ended up with the SMP Hybrid saddle and loves it.

Thanks for coming in David – we wish you the best of luck on your journey.