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Why Custom?

Because you can. 
We are a fit first bike shop. We know and believe the way a bike fits you is directly proportional to how comfortable you ride, as well as the speed you ride at a certain power output. A poor fitting bike can slow you aerodynamically, fatigue you faster,  lower your power output, and can even cause injuries. 
So really, why custom? Does everyone need one? Probably not. Would most people notice a significant benefit? Yes. Here’s why:
First, the fit is perfect. The bike is designed underneath your ideal body position. Because your ideal body position can change over time it is best to start in the nominal position with a nominal stem.  You can go forward and back from that middle position. So don’t worry about buying a custom bike and then changing, because there isn’t a fit that doesn’t need to be adjusted. You think a couple centimeters doesn’t matter? Think again. 
Production bike company: designing for the middle of bell curves. If your fit puts you at the end of the rails with the shortest stem, you have no where to go. Production bike companies ask this question:
What does guy at size 54 look like? 5’10” 160lbs? Okay, build it around him.
What if you are 200lbs? You’ll probably need a stiffer frame to handle your power.
Lighter? You probably want a more responsive frame. 
Monkey arms? So you’re saying I’ll need a 160mm stem? Hmm.
Not only do custom bikes do custom geometry and tube length, they can change the carbon layout. Changing the fiber orientation will adjust the responsiveness. Change the amount and type of fibers and you change your given ride. Are you a standing or seated climber? Different layout. Custom bike manufacturers will ask you these questions to create a bike built under your needs. 
Set your fit appointment today to discuss your bike options to see if a custom bike is for you. (Of course it is!) Guru is offering Tri Club San Diego members on the next 20 custom Guru Crono bikes. Call us at 619-523-2453 for more information.
Oh yeah, you want a bitchin’ paint job?  They know how to make a bike shine. 

Here are some custom bike manufacturers:
Guru Bikes: One Soul at a time. Here is what Guru has to say about custom bikes:
“We believe a bicycle is more than a piece of equipment. It is the ultimate interface between man and the road, one that should feel like a natural extension of your body. That’s why we custom craft every frame we make based on individual rider specifications. From carbon layup and metal welding to final clear coat, we do it all ourselves in our ultra-modern facility based in Montreal, Canada. That allows us to sweat every detail with one goal in mind: to make you the perfect bike. The one that will unleash your full potential on two wheels.For us, custom is not an exercise in vanity or luxury – it’s all about precision serving performance. Contrary to other custom builders, we go way beyond made-to-measure geometry to produce some of the most technologically advanced bicycles in the entire industry. Our composites program, in particular, pushes the boundaries of custom manufacturing:  F.E.A.-tested, seamless frame designs that take full advantage of carbon fiber’s tensile properties. An in-house carbon lay-up methodology that allows us to pin-point the location and direction of the material. A proprietary molding process that uses internal pressurization to generate singular, monocoque parts with an exceptional fiber-to-resin ratio. It’s all rigorously engineered, based on aerospace standards, to deliver the purest, most powerful ride you have ever experienced.”Parlee Cycles: TRUE CUSTOM “Our frames, molds and tooling were designed from the ground up to build true custom frames. No single company building with carbon fiber can match the range of customization in the PARLEE lineup. For 2007 we offer full custom in the Z1, Z2 and Z3 models. PARLEE Cycles is the trusted name in custom carbon fiber frames. Some say that it is impossible for a bike to be lightweight, responsive, stiff and comfortable at the same time. Any PARLEE rider will say their PARLEE achieves the perfect balance of efficiency, comfort, durability and style. In achieving our goal to build the world’s finest carbon fiber frames there has been no room for compromise in materials, craftsmanship, fit, or customer service.The guiding design parameter at Parlee is performance. Bob believed from day one that carbon was the best material for racing frames and has continued to refine his designs with performance as the number one goal. Every element of a PARLEE frame is optimized to give the rider the maximum amount of efficiency in power transfer along with the maximum amount of vibration dampening. Carbon has ideal shock dissipation properties that when properly employed can give a ride quality that is unmatched in titanium, aluminum, steel or any hybrid thereof. The key is properly aligning the fibers.”       

Moment Cycle Sport offers custom builds from both of these companies. Financing available. Call today: 619-523-2453.