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Time Trialing

The Fiesta Island Time Trial Series had another stop this weekend and some of the ladies of the Moment Cycle Sport racing team headed out on Saturday for the team time trial. All set to go on their Guru’s! Lynne, Elaine, Amy and Rachel had been practicing for a couple weeks, preparing for their first race together. The day started early, arriving to the island when it was still dark. After checking in, they began their warmups on the stationary trainers.

Mechanic Cory came and saved the day helping out with wheel swaps and adjustments. Ethan, Cory’s son and our #1 fan, was there tailgating with us. 7:21:00 was the start time. They entered the start house and were off. (No they didn’t get to ride down a ramp like the tour riders.)

Halfway through the first of six laps they were advised that a rider was down on the course ahead. After passing they were confronted with an ambulance and a police car driving the wrong way on the island. As you can imagine it was mass confusion. They kept riding only to come across the road being blocked on the backside again. After some off-roading on the sand they started again. Other teams were stopping, as were they. But they were once again told to keep going. By the third lap, the police had finally shut down the race. Apparently, the downed rider is going to be okay. The following day was the individual time trial. Rachel decided to show up race morning and get on the waiting list. She got in and managed to win her age group and place 3rd overall. Congrats!
If you are interested in joing the Moment Cycle Sport racing team, email us at info@momentcyclesport.com for details!