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It’s all in the little details

All of us at Moment Cycle Sport pride ourselves in providing the best bike service in all of SoCal. Part of this mission is allowing customers to spec out and customize their bikes with whatever they want. If the stock bike comes with a 172.5 crank length and you want a 165mm, not a problem. How about the B16 pictured above. Our customer wanted some upgrades from the stock build from Felt. He came to the right place, this is what we do! The drivetrain components were swapped for Dura Ace, white Adamo saddle, HED Jet wheels, white tires, and of course the green housing loop in back. And we don’t stop at spec’ing out the parts. Every last detail is considered, down to the color of the cable housing and the cable end crimps.
We take great pride in our workmanship here. It is always a thrill when a customer gives us ‘artistic freedom’ to make their bike ‘look cool’. It gives us a great deal of satisfaction when they come in to pick it up and see the attention to detail and notice the red cable crimps, or the way the bar tape is wrapped, or the cable housings oriented so you can read the Campagnolo label. And this holds true for all bikes from an entry level road bike, to an out of the box tri bike with some special touches, to a full blown, full custom dream machine from one of our custom builders.

We offer this service to all customers. It all starts with the best bike fit in San Diego, then a detailed conversation to discuss exactly what you want on your new ride.  Our professionally trained mechanics then perform a Pro Bike Build, with an eye for detail, culminating with the delivery of your new toy. If you have some ideas in mind about what you want to do with your next purchase and want to stand out a little from the others in your peloton or club, stop in and see what we have to offer.
You won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it.